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Application for The Fourth City Sisters

A Mission House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Fourth City Sisters is a modern secular order of Activist Clown Nuns whose major tenets are: To Promulgate Universal Joy, To Expiate Stigmatic Guilt, To Manifest and Participate and by so doing Inspire Others to Do So, To Hold Space for Those Without a Voice. Most people only see one side of our work: Fabulous Nuns out having a good time, looking fierce and fantastical. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are so much more than that, however. We all strive to bring love and happiness to our community in any and every form possible. Our House holds themselves as Champions of the Under Dog, and we are doing our best to create and inspire a culture of civility, joy, comfort, and expression while aiding our LGBTQ+ Communities in whatever ways we can. Our community is in need of a catalyst for positive change, and we feel we can be that catalyst. Each and every member of our sisterhood brings varying, yet valuable, characteristics, skills, and even aesthetics to the group. The work of a Sister includes, but is not limited to, fundraising, ministry, community outreach, education, entertainment, resources and sexual awareness and advocacy, and more! An ASPIRANT, by definition, is one who yearns or seeks for something important or of value. This word is an informal term we use to speak about the time period a person spends looking into joining and learning about what that means and entails. An Aspirant is not a member, is not a Sister or a Guard, and is not associated with the Fourth City Sisters in any way. They are a welcomed guest, an interested party, a casual encounter with the hopes of becoming something more later. The following is a form intended to help us get to know you, as an interested party, as well as let you know a little more about us. We like to ensure that those who Aspire to join us in our Mission are a good fit for the way we spread our Ministry. * Required

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