About The Fourth City Sisters

Our Mission

“We are a house of service, ministry, and outreach to our LGBTQ community and others in need. We promote human rights, respect, diversity and spiritual enlightenment for all humankind. Our focuses are bringing awareness to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, gender issues, the eradication of bullying, and teaching others the value of self-worth.”

Sistory Of the Fourth City Sisters

The sistory of the Fourth City Sisters is as fascinating as it is raunchy. Founded in 2018, the Fourth City Sisters answered the calling to fill the queer drag nun-shaped hole in Saint Louis, MO. When casting about for names, we started by researching common and uncommon nicknames for St. Louis. Common names include Gateway to the West, River City, Mound City, amongst others. We came across “Fourth City” as a nickname used from approximately 1880-1904, when St. Louis was at its zenith. We were the fourth largest city in the country, with intense population and industrial growth. The era culminated with the 1904 World’s Fair and 1904 Olympics.​

The name caught our attention for several reasons, but the strongest is that it’s not a common nickname any longer, so this opens a doorway of conversation when we are asked about our name.  The history of this time period is one of great pride for St. Louisans, with the cultural and industrial advancements at the time. Also, the name seemed appropriate as we are the fourth incarnation of a House in the city. The Founding Members of the Fourth City Sisters were: Sister EllaWhore von Tramp (Tim Jones), Sister Lorelei von Tramp (Sarah Jones), Sister Freedom Bubbles ((Camille (Cammie) Claire)), Sister Belly Davis (Stephen Scott), Sister Busta Nutt (Vince Walzburg), and Guard Mame O. Reese (Jessie Budenholzer).

In December 2018, we were elevated to mission status, and we really meant business! A Mission House is a house still proving its worth to the global sisterhood. Since our elevation, we continued our ministry of safer sex outreach, human rights for the LGBT+ community (specifically our transgender siblings), and a general mission of spreading joy, increasing visibility, and promoting the safety of our community.

Our current house logo is designed to honor our founding Abbess, EllaWhore von Tramp, who joined the Nuns of the Above in May 2019.

Throughout our journey, we have been blessed by the company of many Sisters and Guards from across the country, and have connected with Sisters worldwide! We are so grateful to be a part of a global Sisterhood.

One of the joys of being a Sister or Guard is our fantastical appearance. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence follow a system similar to the one employed by Catholic nuns: that is, we have Aspirants, Postulants, and Novice and fully professed Sisters and Guards. However, a mission house is not fully professed, so we only have Novice and Mission Sisters and Guards at the moment.

Our uniform must contain certain elements, though creativity and innovation is essential in each house. Each house has its own unique coronet, which is made up of a headpiece, veil, name tag, jewel, and a collar (depending on the mood). We can be either festive or formal, but we are always ready to have a good time. We often wear make-up, and you will always know when we are present!

The Fourth City Sister formal coronet is based on Hood or Headpiece designs from the Medieval era, particularly of French design. This was decided as an homage to the French heritage of St. Louis and to the time period in which our city’s namesake ruled.

Don’t be afraid to come up and say hi, take a photo, and learn more about what we do. We want to be an asset to our community and be there for anyone in need.