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You have reached the page of safe sex tips.

We of the Fourth City Sisters want you to have a safe and pleasurable experience. This is by no means a comprehensive list of ways in which you may engage in safe sex practices. If you have questions please contact your doctor or health department for answers. 

First and foremost remember to get consent from all parties involved. (Hey we don’t judge numbers here!)

If consent is not an enthusiastic yes, then please consider talking more about things before proceeding.

Even the most enthusiastic consent granted under the influence of any mind altering substance (legal or not, again we don’t judge) is NOT consent!

Remember that consent can also be revoked at any time and any and all activities should stop at that time. 

So, you’re gonna get laid tonight? You absolute beast you! You actual stunning creature! Don’t let your partner’s smoldering looks or hella fine personality make you forget to be safe during sex. Here are some tidbits of information that will keep you smiling even after the big “O”. 

  • Know your boundaries and share them with your partner(s)!!! This is a very important step towards consent.
  • ALWAYS wear/use protection during sex; whether it be oral, vaginal, or anal (penile condoms, oral condoms, dental dams, and other similar barrier devices work wonderfully!)
  • Check the expiration date before you use any barrier device, and make sure to keep them in a place as cool as you are! (keep them out of direct sun, and not in your wallet either!)
  • Do NOT reuse the same barrier device!
  • If you are unsure on how to apply the protection, please read the instructions or do a quick Google search, so that you avoid damage or tears in the material
  • It is completely okay to change your boundaries at any time to match your comfort levels.  NEVER be afraid to withdraw or modify previously given consent.
  • Use water based lubricants for vaginal sex and silicone based lubricants for anal sex.  AVOID oil based lubricants, as they can cause your condom to break, and oil based lubricants store bacteria that can lead to infection. YUCK!
  • Avoid using alcohol or drugs while having sex.  Substances can alter your decision-making skills and put you in unsafe situations.  Even the most enthusiastic consent granted under the influence of substances might be regretted when you (or your partner(s) ) sober up.


There you have it, Tiger! Go on now! Follow this advice and make the two-backed best without any regrets!


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